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Venue Advantage provides tailored venue solutions nationally across all major shopping centres, train stations, outdoor locations, councils, universities, airports, office towers and everything in between. Our aim is to make the venue process as easy as possible. We specialise in providing locations for – Experiential, promotions, activations, sampling, PR stunts, filming and photography. We guide you through the approval and booking process and handle the venue payments.

What is the Venue Advantage?

The Venue Advantage is getting the right location for your activation or promotion. It’s the location that will deliver the right audience, right traffic, right behaviours and right engagements.

Saving time and resource by having experienced consultants provide you with suitable options, availability, pricing and venue specifications all in a moment’s notice. Then being guided and supported through the administration and documentation phase along with having the payments taken care off. Finally receiving all the necessary paperwork and bump in information to run your successful campaign ahead of time.

We understand venues

Knowing dots on maps is one thing, understanding their characteristics, getting the best out of them, knowing what to avoid, providing quality insights, and having professional direct relationships is what understanding a venue is all about. This then translates to our customers getting up to date information, speed in responses and best outcomes from their visits.

Venue Advantage is experienced people who are passionate about venues. By virtue of placing and managing 100’s of activations and promotions every year, Venue Advantage can provide a best practice approach to making the venue booking easier and navigating the hurdles. We also get to understand what has worked well in most environments and can provide useful, relevant insights.

Our Process

We aim to make the venue booking process as easy as possible. We do that through experienced consultants who are there to take the time to understand what you are looking for, be there when you require information, provide answers and updates as you need them. Offer insights, provide best practices and help you get the best out of your venue booking.

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